C. Fischer

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In this paper, a measurement method for electrical characterization of different materials (especially for rubber mixture sheets) is proposed. The measurement method is based on a coaxial probe method and uses 3D electromagnetic simulation for determining the electrical parameters of materials. To simplify the measurement process, a numerical algorithm was(More)
SDMinP is an easy-to-use program for fast calculation of empirical and adjusted P-values for correlated and uncorrelated hypotheses in multiple testing experiments. It is based on the Free Step-Down Resampling Method for controlling the family wise error rate, and implements a variation of an efficient algorithm, which reduces the originally required(More)
BACKGROUND The folate receptor (FR) is a well-established target for tumor imaging and therapy. To date, only a few 18 F-folate conjugates via 18 F-prosthetic group labeling for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging have been developed. To some extent, they all lack the optimal balance between efficient radiochemistry and favorable in vivo(More)
In order to apply environmental models successfully, it is essential to determine model parameters very carefully. A direct determination of parameter values is often not feasible since they lack a clear physical meaning or field measurements are too expensive. Therefore, estimation of parameters is usually done by fitting model response and observation in(More)
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