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The requisites for the persistence of small colonies of self-replicating molecules living in a two-dimensional lattice are investigated analytically in the infinite diffusion or mean-field limit and through Monte Carlo simulations in the position-fixed or contact process limit. The molecules are modeled by hypercyclic replicators A that are capable of(More)
The choice of the motor donor nerve is a crucial point in free flap transfer algorithms. In the case of unilateral facial paralysis, the contralateral healthy facial nerve can provide coordinated smile animation and spontaneous emotional expression, but with unpredictable axonal ingrowth into the recipient muscle. Otherwise, the masseteric nerve ipsilateral(More)
We propose an algorithm for solving the inverse eigenvalue problem for real symmetric block Toeplitz matrices with symmetric Toeplitz blocks. It is based upon an algorithm which has been used before by others to solve the inverse eigenvalue problem for general real symmetric matrices and also for Toeplitz matrices. First we expose the structure of the(More)
– This paper proposes a framework for automatic development of control systems from a high level specification based in Grafcet formalism. Grafcet, or Sequential Function Charts (SFC), is a special class of Petri Nets and is becoming the standard representation for sequential control systems. The proposed framework accepts a graphical (through ISaGRAPH) or(More)
The critical properties of a cellular automaton model describing the spreading of infection of the herpes simplex virus in corneal tissue are investigated through the dynamic Monte Carlo method. The model takes into account different cell susceptibilities to the viral infection, as suggested by experimental findings. In a two-dimensional square lattice the(More)
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