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A solitary pulmonary nodule (SPN) is defined as a parenchymal lesion measuring less than 3 cm in diameter that is not associated with other lesions. Ninety percent of SPNs are discovered incidentally and most are benign. The management of radiographically indeterminate SPNs has not been established and invasive procedures must be undertaken in order to(More)
Organ transplant constitutes one of the most encouraging advances in the history of the medicine. The organ transplants that were a distant challenge in the seventies currently are a routine procedure in the medical practice that has contributed to extending survival and quality of life in the general population. Spain has reached the highest rate for(More)
The clinical use of human tissues is a therapeutic reality in many diseases, observing a spectacular increase in their demand in recent years. This has also generated an increase in the demand for donors which, in regarding to obtaining tissues, is not limited to brain death donors. Consequently, tissues obtained from cardiorespiratory arrest donors must be(More)
Pulmonary hypertension is a severe disease with complex treatment based on general measurements, anticoagulation and use of specific vasodilator drugs. Right heart failure initiated in final stages of the disease is treated with diuretics. We present the case of slow continuous ultrafilitration as treatment in right heart failure secondary to pulmonary(More)
We discuss the plasmapheresis (PE) carried out in an 18-bed polyvalent intensive care unit between the years 2003-2007. This article aims to report our experience in plasmapheresis performed with specific monitors for continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) that shows the versatility of the use of these procedures in intensive care. The utility of these(More)
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