C. F. Lee

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Introduction CEV model The CEV option pricing model is defined as dS = µSdt + σS β/2 dZ, β < 2, where dZ is a Wiener process and σ is a positive constant. Introduction The elasticity is β − 2 since the return variance υ(S, t) = σ 2 S β−2 with respect to price S has the following relationship dυ(S, t)/dS υ(S, t)/S = β − 2, which implies that dυ(S, t)/υ(S, t)(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To validate the effectiveness of a newly developed light-emitting diode (LED)-narrow band imaging (NBI) system for detecting early malignant tumors in the oral cavity. METHODS Six men (mean age, 51.5 years) with early oral mucosa lesions were screened using both the conventional white light and LED-NBI systems. RESULTS Small elevated or(More)
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