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The hepatotoxic cyclic heptapeptide microcystins and cyclic pentapeptide nodularins are powerful liver tumor promoters and potent inhibitors of the catalytic subunits of protein phosphatase-1 and -2A(More)
Over a period of 3 days saltwater mussels, Mytilus edulis, were fed a cyanobacteria, Microcystis aeruginosa, that contained a high concentration of microcystins. The mussels were killed on a periodic(More)
The tissue distribution and clearance of radiolabeled microcystin-LR administered to Atlantic salmon via i.p. injection has been re-examined using uniformly 14C-labeled toxin. Significant differences(More)
The two epimers of [3H]dihydromicrocystin-LR (spec. act. 32.6 microCi/mumole) were synthesized by reduction of microcystin-LR, a cyclic heptapeptide hepatotoxin, with sodium boro[3H]hydride. In(More)
Acanthifolicin (9,10-epithio-okadaic acid from Pandoras acanthifolium) inhibited protein phosphatase-1 (PP1) similarly to okadaic acid (IC50 = 20 nM and 19 nM, respectively) but was slightly less(More)