C. F. Collares

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Amitriptyline is a pleiotropic tricyclic antidepressant, which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. We tested whether amitriptyline might be useful in the treatment of chronic renal disease using the mouse model of unilateral ureteral obstruction. Amitriptyline caused a significant reduction of interstitial fibrosis, determined by Masson's(More)
The undergraduate medical students use high fidelity simulation associated with audio-visual resources in cardiology, trauma care and pediatrics during clerkship using scenarios consistent with knowledge and skills. The captured images are analyzed by all students as well as the facilitator to conduct the debriefing. Through a closed questionnaire students'(More)
PURPOSE To illustrate the profile of the cases of intoxications by antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) registered within a large urban area during the period of 1 year. METHODS A cross-sectional observational study was performed in the Intoxication Control Center of the Sao Paulo City Hospital. We evaluated 6535 medical consults of intoxication cases involving(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the most frequent diagnosis among patients referred for neurological evaluation to estimate their labour capacities at the unit of National Institute of Social Security (INSS), Florianópolis-SC, southern Brazil. METHOD Review of all medical records of 108 patients evaluated between October 97 and May 98. The sample was submitted to(More)
BACKGROUND Progress testing is an assessment tool used to periodically assess all students at the end-of-curriculum level. Because students cannot know everything, it is important that they recognize their lack of knowledge. For that reason, the formula-scoring method has usually been used. However, where partial knowledge needs to be taken into account,(More)
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