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Culture and susceptibility testing of Helicobacter pylori strains was performed in a large multinational, multicenter randomized clinical trial. Culture was carried out on gastric biopsy samples obtained from 516 patients at entry and had a sensitivity of 99% when the [(13)C]urea breath test was used as a reference. Susceptibility testing was performed for(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori infection has been proposed as a protective factor against the development of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. AIM To study heartburn and endoscopic findings before and after H. pylori eradication therapy in patients with peptic ulcer disease. METHODS In a multicentre trial programme, patients (n = 1497) were randomized(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori eradication with omeprazole, amoxycillin, and metronidazole is both effective and inexpensive. However, eradication rates with different dosages and dosing vary, and data on the impact of resistance are sparse. In this study, three different dosages of omeprazole, amoxycillin, and metronidazole were compared, and the influence(More)
BACKGROUND While addition of metronidazole to the omeprazole-amoxycillin combination has been shown to be advantageous, the optimal dosage and drug distribution of the antimicrobials has not been sufficiently evaluated. AIM To investigate the efficacy of two different regimens of omeprazole, amoxycillin and metronidazole for the cure of Helicobacter(More)
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