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We introduce a method for constructing an element-by-element sparse approximate inverse (SAI) preconditioner designed to be effective in a massively-parallel spectral element modeling environment involving non-symmetric systems. This new preconditioning approach is based on a spectral optimization of a low-resolution pre-conditioned system matrix (PSM). We(More)
Conhecimento sobre anticoncepção de emergência entre adolescentes do Ensino Médio de escolas públicas e privadas Knowledge of emergency contraception among adolescents in public and private Brazilian high schools Conocimiento sobre anticoncepción de emergencia en adolescentes de escuela secundaria en escuelas públicas y privadas Abstract This study aimed to(More)
  • Santos Ca, Borges Alv, +11 authors Ph D Professor
  • 2014
Objective: To analyze the determinants of emergency contraception non-use among women in unplanned and ambivalent pregnancies. Method: Cross-sectional study with a probabilistic sample of 366 pregnant women from 12 primary health care units in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. A multinomial logistic regression was performed , comparing three groups: women who(More)
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