C. Edward Fee

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We study managerial style effects in a large panel of Compustat firms from 1990 to 2007. We find that policy changes after exogenous CEO departures do not display abnormally high levels of variability, casting doubt on the hypothesis that unanticipated idiosyncratic managerial style effects have a substantive impact on corporate policies. For endogenous CEO(More)
We investigate the upstream and downstream product-market effects of a large sample of horizontal mergers and acquisitions from 1980 to 1997. We construct a data set that identifies the corporate customers, suppliers, and rivals of the firms initiating horizontal mergers and use this data set to examine announcement-related stock market revaluations and(More)
We assemble a sample of over 10,000 customer-supplier relationships and determine whether the customer owns equity in the supplier. We find that factors related to both contractual incompleteness and financial market frictions are important in the decision of a customer firm to take an equity stake in a supplier. Evidence on the size of equity stakes(More)
The University of Virginia Systems and Information Engineering Department is part of a six-year project commissioned by the National Institute of Justice to develop the geospatial repository for analysis and safety planning, GRASP. GRASP is a Web application that allows for the viewing and sharing of spatial data over the Internet. GRASP is a system that(More)
We study the role of industry conditions in the internal and external labor market for CEOs in a sample of over 60,000 firm-years from 1990-2007. Future job prospects of CEOs who separate from an employer are dependent on relative-to-industry stock performance, but not on industry stock performance, suggesting that new employers filter out industry stock(More)
When first asked to write the pro side of this debate, I found myself enthusiastically accepting. After all, what possible argument could be found against implementing a more evidence-based approach to one’s clinical practice? Perhaps because of my fervent support of doing so, I found myself having trouble approaching this article. How can one write the pro(More)
We examine the influence of outside directors’ industry experience on boards’ advising and monitoring of diversified-firm managers. Given board composition is endogenous, we instrument for the presence of industry expert directors using the supply of experienced executives near conglomerate firms’ headquarters. We find that industry expert representation on(More)
1. Wolfe JM et al. Does morphine change the physical examination in patients with acute appendicitis? American Journal of Emergency Medicine 2004;22:280-285. 2. Thomas SH et al. Effects of morphine analgesia on diagnostic accuracy in emergency department patients with abdominal pain: a prospective randomized trial. Journal of American College of Surgeons(More)
We examine the robustness of empirical models of CEO turnover and find that the procedure used to categorize turnover events and the method used to construct performance metrics can have large effects on inferences. Common modeling choices have serious shortcomings including (a) ignoring important information, (b) relying on information that may be(More)