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Today, interconnected workstations provide suu-cient computing power to execute complex distributed applications. But programming distributed applications is still a cumbersome and error prone task. Hence, bridging the gap between application programmers and hardware to provide a completely transparent resource management is still a great challenge for(More)
Clostridium difficile causes antibiotic-associated diarrhoea and pseudomembranous colitis. The main virulence factors of C. difficile are the toxins A (TcdA) and B (TcdB). A third toxin, called binary toxin (CDT), can be detected in 17% to 23% of strains, but its role in human disease has not been clearly defined. We report six independent cases of patients(More)
Lack of standardised Clostridium difficile testing is a potential confounder when comparing infection rates. We used an observational, systematic, prospective large-scale sampling approach to investigate variability in C. difficile sampling to understand C. difficile infection (CDI) incidence rates. In-patient and institutional data were gathered from 60(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid commercial assays, including nucleic acid amplification tests and immunoassays for Clostridium. difficile toxins, have replaced the use of older assays. They are included in a two-step algorithm diagnosis, including first the detection of the glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) as a screening method and second the detection of toxins as a(More)
Zusammenfassung: Um in heutigen Systemen ein angemessenes Sicherheitsni-veau zu erzielen, gehört es zur gängigen Praxis, ein IT-Sicherheitskonzept zu er-stellen, die erforderlichen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen umzusetzen und von Zeit zu Zeit anlässlich eines Sicherheitsaudits diese stichprobenartig zu überprüfen. Das weiter-gehende Ziel, einen kontinuierlichen(More)
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