C. E. Wilkinson

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Throughout forested watersheds bordering the North Pacific, anadromous salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) are transferred into coastal forests by numerous predators and scavengers with remnants providing an important nutrient subsidy to riparian zones. The contribution of these nutrients to mosses and liverworts, which are the dominant ground cover of coastal(More)
We have measured the magnetic moment of the X hyperon to be p(X)= — 0.89+0. 14 nuclear magnetons. The magnitude of the polarization of X produced at 7.5 mrad by 400-GeV protons in the process p+Be~X +X averages (15.5+3.6)% over the momentum range 120 to 290 GeV/c. The mean X transverse momentum was 1.32 GeV/c. The polarization direction at production is the(More)
The Weather Research and Development division is aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the weather service in meeting the requirements of our users. An important focus is on more precise severe weather forecasts and providing better severe weather warnings. To this end, KNMI weather research ranges from observations to meteorological processes to(More)
The climate of the early nineteenth century is likely to have been significantly cooler than that of today, as it was a period of low solar activity (the Dalton minimum) and followed a series of large volcanic eruptions. Proxy reconstructions of the temperature of the period do not agree well on the size of the temperature change, so other observational(More)
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