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Noise figure and gain are critical parameters in the design of any product featuring a high-frequency receiver. We present here for the first time noise and gain characterization of HBTs fabricated in a development version of IBM's new 90 GHz, 0.18 /spl mu/m-generation SiGe BiCMOS process with copper interconnects. At 2 GHz we report a noise figure of less(More)
A systematic analysis of two-tone intermodulation in UHV/CVD SiGe HBT's is performed using the Volterra series approach. The impact of source and load impedance, frequency, tone-spacing, and CB feedback are examined. The contribution of each individual nonlinearity is identified, and the interaction (cancellation or enhancement) among the nonlinearities is(More)
A systematic analysis of the RF intermodulation in SiGe HBT's is performed using a new Volterra series-based approach. The relative dominance of individual nonlinearities and their interaction were shown to vary with source/load, bias current, and CB feedback. The C/sub CB/ and avalanche multiplication nonlinearities are the dominant factors in determining(More)
During storage of glycerol desorbed intermediate moisture meats at 38°C it was found that, for both protein crosslinking and loss of haemoprotein character to occur, oxygen must be present. However, collagen degradation, as monitored by the formation of water-soluble hydroxyproline containing fragments, still occurred in the absence of oxygen although the(More)
This paper presents a unified approach to optimizing SiGe transistors for low noise. An intuitive model relating transistor structural parameters and biases to noise parameters is introduced, and used to identify the noise limiting factors in a given transistor technology. Issues related to the calibration of 2-D device simulation are discussed. SiGe(More)
During storage of glycerol desorbed intermediate moisture beef at 38°C the marked loss of eating quality, demonstrated by increasing loss of nitrogen solubility in sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) plus β-mercaptoethanol, loss of haemoprotein character, decrease in pH and the formation of water-soluble hydroxyproline containing fragments, is not markedly(More)
The relationship between the moisture content and water activity, a(w), of several meat samples adjusted to intermediate moisture water activities by cook-soak equilibration in glycerol solutions containing 9·5% sodium chloride was determined. Within experimental error the relationship was found to be unique for all the lean meats studied. It was also found(More)
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