C E Truman

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  • A Sackfield, J R Barber, D A Hills, C E Truman
  • 2001
The problem studied is an elastic, circular shaft, fitted into a cavity normal to the free surface of a half-space. The cavity is smaller than the shaft, so that there is a residual radial stress. A torque is applied to the shaft, giving rise to a region of slip between the shaft and the socket. Its extent is determined by forming an integral equation whose(More)
The through-thickness residual stress distributions within three large rectilinear aluminium alloy 7449 forgings have been determined using neutron diffraction. The results from two neutron diffraction instruments, ENGIN-X at ISIS, UK and SALSA at ILL, France are reported. Both instruments indicate large magnitude (>250 MPa) tensile residual stresses in the(More)
In the event of an emergency, an announcement will be made from the Commencement stage to direct graduates and attendees to exit Reser Stadium in a safe and orderly manner. If such an event were to occur, please move to the nearest stadium exit as quickly and safely as possible. Graduates, family and friends, please refer to the map and relocate to either(More)
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