C. E. Soteros

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We consider a self-avoiding walk on the simple cubic lattice, as a model of localization of a random copolymer at an interface between two immiscible liquids. The vertices of the walk are coloured A or B randomly and independently. The two liquid phases are represented by the two half-spaces z > 0 and z < 0, and the plane z = 0 corresponds to the interface(More)
By performing strand-passages on DNA, type II topoisomerases are known to resolve topological constraints that impede normal cellular functions. The full details of this enzyme-DNA interaction mechanism are, however, not completely understood. To better understand this mechanism, researchers have proposed and studied a variety of random polygon models of(More)
The probability that an embedding of a graph in Z 3 is knotted is investigated. For any given graph (embeddable in Z 3) without cut edges, it is shown that this probability approaches 1 at an exponential rate as the number of edges in the embedding goes to innnity. Furthermore, at least for a subset of these graphs, the rate at which the probability(More)
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