C. E. Meathrel

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The mining of gold can lead to toxic metals such as mercury (Hg) contaminating watercourses as by-products. The Reedy Creek sub-catchment, in northeast Victoria, Australia, was mined for gold in the 1850s. In 1998, samples were taken from six watercourses to measure any remaining toxic metal contamination in sediments and surface waters from two creeks with(More)
Eggs were exchanged between 50 pairs of shorttailed shearwaters Puffinus tenuirostris on Great Dog Island, Bass Strait, Australia, in an attempt to distinguish the intrinsic effects of egg-size from any effects stemming from differential quality of parental care. At 64 “experimental” nests, large and small eggs were exchanged whereas at 36 “control” nests,(More)
We measured mercury concentrations ([Hg]) and nitrogen stable isotope ratios (δ15N) in the primary feathers of Short-tailed Shearwaters (Puffinus tenuirostris) that were tracked year-round. The [Hg] were highest in 14 birds that used the Okhotsk and northern Japan Seas during the non-breeding period (2.5 ± 1.4 μg/g), lowest in nine birds that used the(More)
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