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The primary objective of a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility is to isolate low-level radioactive waste from the public and the environment until the radionuclides in the waste have decayed to levels at which the hazard is negligible. Two fundamental concerns must be addressed when attempting to isolate low-level waste in a disposal facility on(More)
The advancement of radioactive ion beam (RIB) science since its advent in the last few decades calls for the development of so-called next generation facilities, able to provide beam intensities several orders of magnitude higher than presently available. Two of them are planned by the European roadmap and are representative of the two main methods by means(More)
Concrete is commonly used as a biological shield against nuclear radiation. As long as, in the design of nuclear facilities, its load carrying capacity is required together with its shielding properties, changes in the mechanical properties due to nuclear radiation are of particular significance and may have to be taken into account in such circumstances.(More)
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