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An array of N comparators subject to the same input signal and independent additive noise, with the outputs from each comparator summed, is a useful noise model for a range of systems including flash analog-to-digital converters, DIMUS sonar arrays and parallel neurons. It has previously been shown that for certain threshold configurations the transmitted(More)
We examine the optimal threshold distribution in populations of noisy threshold devices. When the noise on each threshold is independent, and sufficiently large, the optimal thresholds are realized by the suprathreshold stochastic resonance effect , in which case all threshold devices are identical. This result has relevance for neural population coding, as(More)
In this paper, we analyse Stochastic Petri Net (SPN) models of slotted-ring networks. We show that a simple SPN model of a slotted-ring network, which exhibits a product-form solution, yields similar results to a more detailed SPN model that has to be analysed by numerical means. Furthermore, we demonstrate a Mean-Value Analysis (MVA) approach to calculate(More)