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To determine the importance of inheritance on the age-associated decline in D2-dopamine receptor number, the binding of [3H]spiperone to mouse striatal membranes was measured in animals ranging from 7 to 104 weeks of age from 5 murine strains (C57BL/6J, C3/HeJ, A/J, SJL/J and DBA/1J). In young mice, receptor number (Bmax) was influenced by genetic(More)
A semi-synthetic diet containing 20% polyunsaturated fat (soybean) oil was fed to young male hooded rats for 21 days. These animals exhibited improved performance on an environmentally-cued testing paradigm which is thought to reflect cognitive learning skills (i.e., Place Navigation Water Task). Other rats fed the same base diet but containing 20%(More)
Groups of young male Sprague-Dawley (albino) or Long-Evans (hooded) rats were fed the same semi-purified diets containing 20% (w/w) fat in the form of soybean oil vs. lard, or a reference diet of standard Purina Chow (4.5% mixed fats) for 21 days. Behavioral testing after this time revealed that albino rats fed the diet containing soybean oil had increased(More)
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