C. E. Goutis

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A number of code transformations for embedded multimedia applications is presented in this paper and their impact on both system power and performance is evaluated. In terms of power the transformations move the accesses from the large background memories to small buffers that can be kept foreground. This leads to reduction of the memory related power(More)
The main applications of the hash functions are met in the fields of communication integrity and signature authentication. A hash function is utilized in the security layer of every communication protocol. However, as protocols evolve and new high-performance applications appear, the throughput of most hash functions seems to reach to a limit. Furthermore,(More)
In this paper, we propose a hardware/software partitioning method for improving applications’ performance in embedded systems. Critical software parts are accelerated on hardware of a single-chip generic system comprised by an embedded processor and coarse-grain reconfigurable hardware. The reconfigurable hardware is realized by a 2-Dimensional array of(More)
Hash functions, form a special family of cryptographic algorithms that address the requirements for security, confidentiality and validity for several applications in technology. Many applications like PKI, IPSec, DSA, MAC’s need the requirements mentioned before. All the previous applications incorporate hash functions and address, as time passes, to more(More)
In this paper, a design space exploration is performed aiming at developing high-performance hardware architectures for the new cryptographic hash function Skein-512. Three well-known design optimization techniques namely, the loop unrolling, the structural and functional pipeline, are applied, while several design alternatives have been explored to derive(More)
E.U. has set a special goal for 2010 which is the adoption, by at least 25%, of IPv6. IPv6 incorporates the usage of IPSec which provides cryptographic services to every data packet which is transmitted via Internet. This means that there is a major need for High Speed designs of IPSec protocol. It has been shown that the limiting factor of IPSec(More)
A systematic methodology for data transfer and storage optimization of multimedia algorithms realized on programmable platforms has been developed. The methodology reduces both the sizes of and the number of accesses to the array type data structures of the target algorithm. This leads to power consumption and performance improvement. In this paper the(More)
This paper presents a methodology for memory-aware mapping on 2-Dimensional coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures that aims in the minimization of the data memory accesses for DSP and multimedia applications. Additionally, the realistic 2-Dimensional coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture template to which the mapping methodology targets, models a(More)
A prototype Medical Decision Making System (MDMS) based on a powerful subclass of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and its hardware description using VHDL, is the topic of this article. This MDMS, is generally structured to cover a whole category of distressed body organs. An application on the full spectrum of Pulmonary Diseases (PDs) is presented,(More)