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Twenty two patients are presented with histologic lesions on esophageal biopsy compatible with infection by human papillomavirus. Symptoms were uncharacteristic, there was no sex difference and the mean age was 40 years. Upper GI endoscopy showed the following: a) multiple ulcers in the middle esophagus, most of less than 10 mm in diameter, rounded or oval(More)
on 19 patients with stable but decompensated cirrhosis maintained on diuretics for previous ascites. Of 13 patients receiving spironolactone alone none had a total body potassium below the expected lower limit of normal, whereas, of six receiving additional frusemide, two had low values. The results for leucocyte potassium were in agreement and simultaneous(More)
We present the humoral immunological findings in 18 patients with ulcerative colitis and two with Crohn's disease. All of them had the disease for 3 months to five years. Fifteen were hispanics and five from European origin. There were ten males and ten females, and an average age of 38 years. All patients had active disease from clinical and endoscopy(More)
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