C. Durward Rogers

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The soil dwelling larvae of the wheat bulb fly (Delia coarctata, Fallén) can cause damage to a number of cereal crops. Monitoring of the oviposition of this pest is important to allow forecasts of larval attack after the overwintering period, allowing suitable management practices to be implemented. However, little is known about the population dynamics of(More)
Wheat bulb fly (WBF) larvae use chemotaxis to orientate towards host-plant root exudates. This study aimed to investigate the role of the primary plant metabolite carbon dioxide (CO2) in host-plant location by WBF. Arena based behavioural experiments were used to identify whether CO2 induced chemotaxis (directional movement in response to a chemical(More)
Wheat bulb fly (WBF, Delia coarctata, Fallén, Diptera: Anthomyiidae) is a pest of commercial importance in wheat, barley and rye, with attacked crops failing to produce full potential yields. Females do not oviposit in association with a host-plant; therefore, prompt location of a suitable host is critical to the survival of the newly hatched larvae. The(More)
A VLSI design system called VIVID is the heart of a newly developed, vertically integrated design environment. This environment provides support for all phases of design from high-level system specification through on-site fabrication to construction of prototype systems. Key features already Implemented include: the use of a circuit description language at(More)
<italic>This paper describes the</italic> VIVID <italic>(Vertically Integrated VLSI Design) System developed at the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina. The system is based on a symbolic, virtual-grid design methodology that greatly reduces the design time for custom VLSI circuits. This methodology has made it possible to provide, in a single(More)
The Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) (medfly) is a polyphagous pest of global economic importance. This study tested the suitability of two different adhesive powders, EntostatTM and an adhesive metal powder, as insecticide carriers for use in a lure and kill pest control system, that would allow the(More)
In the past, Virtual-Grid Compactors have not been well received because they generated sparse layouts. In analyzing this problem, we found three major areas where improvements could be made: breaking the virtual-grid lines into segments; decoupling the placement of non-interacting layers; and eliminating the centered nature of elements. The result is a(More)
A research organization or graphics house often has a need for custom pictures for presentations or other purposes. These pictures may be prohibitively expensive, if not impossible to create, if they are produced by a commercial art firm. For groups that have such a need, an in-house computer-controlled camera may be a solution. To develop a quality system,(More)
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