C. Dumitrescu

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The problem of scheduling parallel applications on Grids is notoriously difficult: schedulers must consider the heterogeneity of involved resources and management systems, and they often require the users to provide information about the expected application behavior. We suggest that increasingly popular structured programming approaches, using components(More)
Even the existence of virtual experiments is not a novelty in the technical world, their introduction in the educational process is quite recent. In this sense, trying to asses the pedagogical use of virtual experiments, this work presents the results collected from 24 Romanian in-service teachers involved in teaching activities in Dambovita County(More)
The virtual instrumentation can be used in the educational contexts for simulating the real phenomena which are taking place in different systems. In practical training it can be a proper solution for teaching the pupils how to design their own learning experiments for obtaining of a better and deeper understanding of the theoretical concepts. This paper(More)
The paper presents an overview on Hirsch-index applications that can be found in the literature. Different possibilities of using the Hirsch-index for the assessment of the scientific output of a country, university, research institute, medicine, specialists or academic journals are presented. On the other hand we have examined the Valahia University of(More)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are comprehensive information technology packages which aim towards managing and integrating all the business functions within a company. ERP is built on a totally integrated unique data warehouse. Business intelligence may be created based on the information stored in the data warehouse, to enable efficient(More)
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