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This study analyzed sulfated polysaccharides, such as fucans, from the brown alga Lobophora variegata to verify their antioxidant activity in vitro, antitumoral effect on human colon adenocarcinoma cell line HT-29, and anti-inflammatory activity. Sulfated polysaccharide fractions containing fucans were obtained after fractionation with increasing volumes(More)
The in vitro antioxidant activities of the following six sulfated polysaccharides were investigated: iota, kappa and lambda carrageenans, which are widely used in the food industry, fucoidan (homofucan) from the edible seaweed Fucus vesicu-losus and fucans (heterofucans) F0.5 and F1.1 from the seaweed Padina gymnospora. With respect to the inhibition of(More)
Polyporus dermoporus mushroom, native to Brazil, is produced under natural conditions in the unexplored reserve of Mata da Estrela-Rio Grande do Norte-RN. These mushrooms were delipidated with chloroform:methanol (2:1 v/v), extracted with water at 100 °C, and fractionated with ethanol (one and three volumes) and then centrifuged. The ethanol precipitation(More)
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