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A quadrature balanced single-gate CMOS mixer, designed to exploit the unlicensed band around 60-GHz, is presented. Also a millimeter-wave (mm-wave) modeling methodology is discussed which is suitable for the design of CMOS mm-wave active mixers. The performance of a fully-integrated mixer fabricated on a standard digital 130-nm CMOS process is given and(More)
A large-signal modeling methodology based upon a modified BSIM3v3 transistor model is presented which targets MM-wave CMOS applications. The effect of parasitics on the high-frequency operation of CMOS transistors is discussed, and a standard intrinsic BSIM3v3 model card is augmented with lumped elements to model these effects. Core BSIM parameters are(More)
The nature of wireless video requires a solution which can adapt to changing environmental conditions and support very high data rates. This puts unique requirements on the wireless connection. It must maintain highly-reliable links, provide robustness toward packet errors and interference, deliver visually lossless compression and ensure system performance(More)
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