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— This article considers the problem of using a network of NC dynamic pan, tilt, zoom cameras, each mounted at known and fixed locations, to track and obtain high resolution imagery for NT (t) mobile targets each maneuvering within a confined space. The number of targets is time-varying, the targets are free to maneuver, the targets may enter or leave the(More)
—Signal sets with the best correlation property are desirable in code-division multiple-access (CDMA) systems. In this paper, the construction of Wootters and Fields for mutually un-biased bases is extended into a generic construction of signal sets using planar functions. Then, specific classes of planar functions and almost bent functions are employed to(More)
— Distributed analysis of video captured by a large network of cameras has received significant attention lately. Tracking moving targets is one of the most fundamental tasks in this regard and the well-known Kalman Consensus Filter (KCF) has been applied to this problem. However, existing solutions do not consider the specific characteristics of video(More)
—This work focuses on developing optimal routing and camera control strategies for multiple mobile PTZ camera platforms cooperatively tracking a stochastic target moving on the ground. The vehicles are modeled as planar Dubins vehicles traveling at a fixed speed and height. The target is tracked using an Extended Kalman Consensus Filter that estimates the(More)
— Distributed networks of dynamically controllable pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras have high potential utility for tracking and high-res imaging of targets-of-interest maneuvering within a surveillance area. The actual utility that is achieved is determined by the real-time selection of the networked camera PTZ parameters to collaboratively achieve these(More)
With the use of World Wide Web internet engines like Google will be the tools which in turn allow you in order to understand along with speedily look for solutions. Even so the present engines like Google will not think about user's actual needs. Criteria associated with page position are usually keys associated with search engine optimization. Most(More)
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