C. Dianne Martin

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"Undergraduates need to understand the basic cultural, social, legal, and ethical issues inherent in the discipline of computing. They should understand where the discipline has been, where it is, and where it is heading. They should understand their individual roles in this process, as well as appreciate the philosophical questions, technical problems, and(More)
75 " Computer Science Education should not drive a wedge between the social and the technical, but rather link both through the formal and informal curriculum " [5]. " Societal and technical aspects of computing are interdependent. Technical issues are best understood (and most effectively taught) in their social context, and the societal aspects of(More)
Multimedia (MM) is a polysemous term, a term with many definitions, and in this case, many roots. In this paper, multimedia is defined as the seamless integration of two or more media. Each ancestor brings another requirement, muddying the field and making it difficult to work through. A multimedia taxonomy based on a previous media taxonomy is proposed to(More)
The aim of this workshop is to assess the current practices and project future trends for the integration of ethics across the computer science curriculum. The workshop organizers are developing a computer security and information assurance curriculum across which ethical content is integrated. Through this workshop, they will share their experiences and(More)
Each fall in the first class of the introductory computer science course I do an opening exercise with the incoming freshmen students. I give out a short survey asking for some general demographic information about them - gender, age, nationality, and prior computer experience. Then I ask them to do two things that have produced some interesting results.(More)
"The module descriptions will be very useful to us as we start to integrate computer ethics into our curriculum... CSAB "dinged" us for not including these concepts in courses. This was not intentional, just a major oversight. Most of us have never thought deeply about integration of ethics into our courses, so the efforts of [the ImpactCS Project] are(More)