C. Di Troia

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This paper reports on the development and testing of a tool designed to assess chronic wounds for the clinical signs and symptoms of localized infection. Thirty-one wounds were assessed by two independent nurse observers for the signs and symptoms of infection using the Clinical Signs and Symptoms Checklist. The Clinical Signs and Symptoms Checklist(More)
A thorough numerical analysis of the quasi-linear plasma-ICRH wave interaction has been made and will be presented in order to determine the characteristic fast-ion parameters that are necessary for addressing some of the main ITER burning plasma physics issues, e.g. fast ion transport due to collective mode excitations, cross-scale couplings of(More)
—OPERA is part of the CNGS project and it is an experiment dedicated to the observation of long-baseline into oscillations through appearance. Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs) with bakelite electrodes are used to instrument the 2 cm gaps between the magnetized iron slabs of the two spectrometers. The RPC installation ended in may 2004 on the first(More)
Anaemia is common in renal insufficiency and has various causes: 1) depressed marrow production of red cells, probably due to reduced production of erythropoietin, though the possibility of direct marrow inhibition on the part of uraemic toxins cannot be ruled out, together with iron deficiency, as occurs in prolonged dialysis management; 2) greater red(More)
  • Cecilia Troia
  • 2002
Obese patients are seen in every practice setting. Obesity is a chronic disease that may lead to physical and emotional problems, which may have an impact on the social and psychological functioning of the patient. With appropriate preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative precautions; monitoring; and restructuring the environment to promote care and(More)
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