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Electromagnetic shield made up of single conductor layer of chosen thickness and conducting material can be designed to achieve required shielding performance. This single conductor layer electromagnetic shield would be bulky and occupy more volume when the size of the electronic circuit is shrinking with the advent of microelectronic technologies. In order(More)
—Electromagnetic shields are designed to optimize the performance for shielding effectiveness and reflectivity. Multilayered laminates of different materials are developed to achieve excellent results in terms of not only in shielding effectiveness but also for reflectivity. In this paper, a three layered laminate is considered for estimation of the(More)
Environmental sustainability analyses of futuristic plausible land use and climate change scenarios are critical in making watershed-scale decisions for simultaneous improvement of food, energy and water management. Bioenergy production targets for the US are anticipated to impact farming practices through the introduction of fast growing and high yielding(More)
This paper presents the characteristics of V band frequency range of Microwave band in electromagnetic spectrum. The paper also identifies the challenges using this band in applications. The lower microwave frequency band of 2-3 GHz is used in wireless applications. Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and cellular frequencies are quite familiar using in the lower band of(More)
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