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The present work is an attempt to develop a commercially viable and a robust character recognizer for Telugu texts. We aim at designing a recognizer which exploits the inherent characteristics of the Telugu Script. Our proposed method uses wavelet multiresolution analysis for the purpose extracting features and associative memory model to accomplish the(More)
Generally, Speech enhancement aims to improve speech quality and intelligibility of a noise contaminated speech signal by using various signal processing approaches. Removal of a noise from a noisy speech is a common problem; already a vast research was carried out in earlier. However, due to the characteristics of various types of noises, the approaches(More)
The general encryption mechanism involves conversion of plain text into cipher text and decryption as vice versa, as well as multimedia(such as images, video, etc.,) the momentous aspect over here is that the converted cipher text always produces greater size than the original plain text. As there are innumerable number of internet users these days, more(More)
This paper provides a new technique for lossy multispectral images compression at very high data rates. Image compression is becoming more and more important, as new multispectral instruments are going to generate very high data rates due to the increased spatial and spectral resolutions. The Lossless compression does not provide a sufficient degree of data(More)
The continuous growth of mobile, desktop and wired and wireless digital communication technologies has made the extensive use of the text data unavoidable. The basic characteristics of text data like transmission rate, bandwidth, redundancy, bulk capacity and co-relation among text data makes basic compression algorithms mandatory. The research exploration(More)
A new method for the enhancement of speech signals contaminated by speech-correlated noise, such as that in the output of a speech coder, is presented. This module is based on numerical speech processing algorithms which modelise the infected ear and generates the stimulus signals for the cilia cells (brain). The method is also based on constrained(More)
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