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The present study describes the persistent expansion of a subpopulation of circulating double-positive CD4+CD8+ T cells in a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected person over 8 years. The percentage of double-positive cells was remarkably stable with time and was not related to HIV plasma virus load. CD4+CD8+ cells exhibited phenotypic characteristics(More)
We have observed that decreased plasma levels of C3 in the serum of three children with poststreptococcal acute glomerulonephritis (PSAGN) at the time of presentation were associated with the presence of C3NeF activity in purified serum IgG from the patients. C3NeF activity was determined using a sensitive assay measuring the ability of patients' IgG to(More)
We have investigated the presence of autoantibodies to the collagen-like region (CLR) of C1q and its relationship with classical pathway-dependent hypocomplementemia in patients with SLE. Antibodies to CLR/C1q were quantitated in the plasma of 113 unselected patients with SLE by ELISA, using purified CLR as antigen. Plasma concentration of C3, CH50 activity(More)
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