C. De Giorgi

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We present data on the intellectual, language and executive functions of 26 children who had undergone surgery for the removal of cerebellar hemisphere or vermal tumours. The children with right cerebellar tumours presented with disturbances of auditory sequential memory and language processing, whereas those with left cerebellar tumours showed deficits on(More)
Although the presence of chitin in nematodes is well documented little is known about its synthesis in this phyletic group. The recently completed genome sequence of Caenorhabditis elegans predicts two sequences with homology to chitin synthases (chitin-UDP acetyl-glucosaminyl transferase; EC We show that these genes are differentially expressed(More)
Eight patients, ranging in age from 9 to 18 years, were treated for arteriovenous malformations using gamma knife radiosurgery and were evaluated an average of 6 years after treatment to record potential effects of radiosurgery on cognitive and neuropsychological performance. Tests for general intelligence, nonverbal intelligence, memory and its components,(More)
A computer assisted toolholder, integrated with an anatomical graphic 3-D rendering programme, is presented. Stereotactic neuroanatomical images are acquired, and the same reference system is employed to represent the position of the toolholder on the monitor. The surgeon can check the orientation of different approach trajectories, moving the toolholder in(More)
Long-term results (average follow-up, 9.3 years) obtained in 1000 consecutive patients suffering from cryptogenetic ("essential") trigeminal neuralgia treated with percutaneous thermorhizotomy are analyzed. Pain relief was obtained in 95% of the treated patients. Permanent morbidity was as follows: masseter weakness in 105 patients; oculomotor palsies in 5(More)
Plant parasitic nematodes belonging to the genus Pratylenchus, also known as root lesion nematodes, cause serious economic damage to different crop plants. In order to explore genetic structures in different isolates, we investigated several P. thornei, P. neglectus and P. penetrans populations of different geographic origins. The analysis at the species(More)
The outcome is summarized for 14 cases operated on for glossopharyngeal neuralgia, with both open and percutaneous rhizotomy techniques, between 1960 and 1984. Four patients, all with primary neuralgia, underwent open surgery. Pain disappeared, leaving only a ninth nerve deficit in all but one patient; in that patient, paroxysms of pain recurred after 3(More)
Hyaluronan-based scaffold were used for in vitro commitment of human and rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Cells were cultured either in monolayer and in 3D conditions up to 35 days. In order to monitor the differentiating processes molecular biology and morphological studies were performed at different time points. All the reported data(More)