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SUMMARY A contract network extends the concept of a contract path to address the problem of loop flow and congestion in electric power transmission systems. A contract network option provides a well defined, internally consistent framework for assigning long-term capacity rights to a complicated electric transmission network. The contract network respects(More)
Visual attention is considered in the context of a professional computer-based task, using aerial photography for updating topographic mapping data (photogrammetry). There is potential for using visual attention models to help develop various semi-automated 'attention-aware' support systems for this task, and these are discussed. An experimental study is(More)
A rotaxane host system containing a novel halogen bonding (XB) 5-iodo-1,2,3-triazole functionalised pyridinium motif, within its axle component, has been prepared via a ring closing metathesis reaction, using chloride as a template. Proton NMR titration experiments, in competitive 1 : 1 CDCl3-CD3OD solvent media, showed the XB rotaxane selectively bound(More)