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The defocus levels required for normal observers to notice the first perceptible blur of a clear test target (blur threshold) and the least perceptible change in the degree of blurriness of an already blurry target (threshold of perceived change in blur) were measured using both the source and observer methods. In the source method observers viewed(More)
The relation between refractive error and visual acuity has been measured by two very different methods. In one called "source methods," emmetropes or corrected ametropes view defocused stimuli presented on projection screens or photographs. In the type called "observer methods," focused stimuli are presented to the observers who are either uncorrected(More)
In this lecture, we consider the 1-dimensional cutting-stock problem. Column generation and dynamic programming are discussed while we solve the problem. 1.1 Some recap from last class / one way of formulating the problem Consider the problem of minimizing the number of rolls of paper (each with length W) needed to produce b k rolls with length s k for k =(More)
The furanobisindole alkaloid, phalarine, possesses a unique structural framework within the alkaloid family of natural products. Our laboratory recently disclosed the racemic total synthesis of phalarine, featuring an efficient azaspiroindolenine rearrangement; this achievement is revisited in detail. Upon completion of the first-generation total synthesis,(More)
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