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Accurate and affordable assessment of ligand-protein affinity for structure-based virtual screening (SB-VS) is a standing challenge. Hence, empirical postdocking filters making use of various types of structure-activity information may prove useful. Here, we introduce one such filter based upon three-dimensional structural protein-ligand interaction(More)
This work presents a system for region classification using textural measures. The user can extract and analyze any kind of textural measures provide by this system and thus classify a group of region samples based on a set of selected measures. The system was developed using IDL and resources from ENVI, providing a user-friendly environment. An example of(More)
In this work the potentiality of the textural information that polarimetric SIRC data can provide to discriminate some types of land use is studied. That information is extracted from the data by using statistical and distributional measures. The Euclidean distance is used to select the best set of features for discriminating classes of interest. Features(More)
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