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Between January, 1969, and January, 1978, 551 patients with mitral incompetence were treated by a system of reconstructive techniques. Mitral valve incompetence was classified into three types according to leaflet pliability; type I normal leaflet motion, 150 cases; type II, leaflet prolapse, 213 cases; and type III, restricted leaflet motion, 188 cases.(More)
Prolapsed leaflet is the result of ruptured chordae, elongated chordae, or ruptured papillary muscle. Various techniques adapted to each of these lesions were developed, and repair of 213 prolapsed mitral valves was performed between 1969 and 1977. There were 109 patients with ruptured chordae treated by quadrangular resection of the prolapsed leaflet; 103(More)
A systematic study of congenital mitral valve malformations was undertaken on a surgical basis in an attempt to develop techniques of valvular reconstruction adapted to the various lesions. Forty-seven children between the ages of 4 months and 12 years (average 6 years, 4 months) have been operated upon between January, 1970, and March, 1976. Valvular(More)
Twenty four patients were reoperated on the tricuspid valve alone between 1967 and 1981. The first operation had been performed for mitral valve disease and consisted of 23 mitral valve replacements and one commissurotomy associated with two aortic valve replacements. The surgical decision with regard to the tricuspid valve at the initial operation had been(More)