C D Talburt

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Ten sporadic cases of venereal spirochaetosis, caused by Treponema paraluis-cuniculi, were seen in New Zealand white rabbits in two years. An equal number of males and females were affected. Females tended to have milder clinical signs than males. Lesions were usually found on the prepuce in males and the vulva in females, although the anus and skin of the(More)
Popliteal lymph nodes from eight New Zealand white rabbits with clinical or serological evidence of naturally acquired infection with Treponema paraluis-cuniculi were transferred to rabbits that had not been exposed to this infection. Lymph nodes from two rabbits successfully transmitted infection. The nodes from one of these rabbits transmitted infection(More)
The epidemiology of Treponema paraluis-cuniculi infection in a commercial rabbit breeding facility was described using several serologic tests. The Venereal Disease Research Laboratory, rapid plasma reagin, microhemagglutination and fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption tests were used to detect antibodies to T paraluis-cuniculi. Young adult New(More)
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