C. D'Onofrio

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Type A prostaglandins (PGA1 and 16,16-dimethyl-PGA2-methyl ester) were found to block the proliferation of HTLV-I infected cord blood lymphocytes (CBL) in vitro, thus preventing the clonal immortalisation that is considered as a predisposing condition to HTLV-I positive leukaemia. PGA1 and di-M-PGA2 did not affect the long-term survival of normal(More)
Natural human interferon beta (beta-IFN) was tested during the early phase of in vitro infection with HTLV-I virus of human cord blood mononuclear cells (CBL), to evaluate whether its antiviral and immunomodulating effects might prevent spreading of infection in the host. beta-IFN was found to reduce HTLV-I transmission and integration in CBL cultures.(More)
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