C. D'Onofrio

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of body image and sexual problems in the first months after treatment among women diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50 or younger. BACKGROUND Breast cancer treatment may have severe effects on the bodies of younger women. Surgical treatment may be disfiguring, chemotherapy may cause abrupt(More)
Robotized manufacturing cells are required more and more often to process high variety of short life-cycle product. This increases the need for methods and techniques for easy reconfiguration of software programs running in programmable logic controllers (PLC), i.e., devices able to control manufacturing systems. PLCs run embedded code characterized by a(More)
Type A prostaglandins (PGA1 and 16,16-dimethyl-PGA2-methyl ester) were found to block the proliferation of HTLV-I infected cord blood lymphocytes (CBL) in vitro, thus preventing the clonal immortalisation that is considered as a predisposing condition to HTLV-I positive leukaemia. PGA1 and di-M-PGA2 did not affect the long-term survival of normal(More)
Natural human interferon beta (beta-IFN) was tested during the early phase of in vitro infection with HTLV-I virus of human cord blood mononuclear cells (CBL), to evaluate whether its antiviral and immunomodulating effects might prevent spreading of infection in the host. beta-IFN was found to reduce HTLV-I transmission and integration in CBL cultures.(More)
In this paper an off-line programming approach for welding robots is presented. The approach is based on the integration of a software tool for robot simulation and an user-friendly interface for automatic generation of the control program. The user can graphically arrange the components in a robotic work-cell and simulate the movements and operations of(More)
The goal of the presented research is to face the topic of reconfigurable control software development in a concrete fashion, i.e., by presenting a control software system development approach which has been used for a specific, although easy to be generalized, robotized manufacturing cell component. In particular, a methodology for the control software(More)
A generic manufacturing system must interact with an environment characterized by a strong competition and by continuous technological changes. For this reason there is the necessity to make the system easily and economically modifiable in its hardware and software configuration. One of the main problems in making a manufacturing system re-configurable(More)
Little is known about preventing alcohol use by youth in rural America. Because most studies of teenage drinking and related prevention programs have been conducted in metropolitan areas, the word "rural" is relatively rare in the extensive alcohol prevention literature. Although descriptions of rural programs can be found, like the rural population itself,(More)
Human mononuclear cells derived from peripheral blood of adult donors (PBMC) or from neonatal cord blood (CBMC) were found to be equally sensitive to the protective effect of alpha- and beta-interferons (IFNs) against the infection with HTLV-I during long-term culture. The effect of IFNs was evidenced by a remarkable reduction of the number of(More)
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