C. D. McDermid

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Availability of cloud systems is one of the main concerns of cloud computing. The term, availability of clouds, is mainly evaluated by ubiquity of information comparing with resource scaling. In clouds, load balancing, as a method, is applied across different data centers to ensure the network availability by minimizing use of computer hardware, software(More)
Cloud computing is interesting era of research where the multiple component, heavy hardware and architecture take part to execute the data and user processes. To maintain different virtual machines, data centers at different locations are required. Sometimes may be over burden on any datacenter and failure or downtime of the datacenter occurred. Thus in(More)
It is difficult to maintain all the resources and services on single system. So by using Load balancing strategy we distribute load on single system to multiple system providing efficient response to user, resulting in improve user satisfaction. Load balancing in the cloud computing has an important impact on the performance. To improve user satisfaction(More)
One of the emerging areas in the field of information technology (IT) is Cloud Computing. It is internet based technology which emphasizes its utility and follows pay-as-you-go model. Load balancing is a critical issue in cloud computing. It is a technique which uses multiple nodes and distribute dynamic workload among them so that no single node is(More)
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