C D Henderson

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Chromosome 9 is highly structurally polymorphic. It contains the largest autosomal block of heterochromatin, which is heteromorphic in 6-8% of humans, whereas pericentric inversions occur in more than 1% of the population. The finished euchromatic sequence of chromosome 9 comprises 109,044,351 base pairs and represents >99.6% of the region. Analysis of the(More)
  • T D Wilkinson, C D Henderson, D Gil Leyva, W A Crossland, Timothy D Wilkinson, Charley J Henderson
  • 2006
Liquid crystal materials are fast becoming the de facto standard in modern commercial display technology and large amounts of research and development have gone into optimising the materials used in these many types of display. One of the most exciting technologies based on liquid crystal materials is the combination of their optical modulation(More)
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