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Cycle time reduction is crucial for semiconductor wafer fabrication companies to maintain competitive advantages as the semiconductor industry is becoming more dynamic and changing faster. According to Little's Law, while maintaining the same throughput level, the reduction in Work-in-Process (WIP) will result in cycle time reduction. On one hand, the(More)
Handlebar injuries are one of the most common causes of abdominal injuries in children. We aim to investigate the epidemiology of bicycle handlebar injuries and to emphasize the severity of the injuries. A retrospective analysis of children admitted to our hospital with abdominal injury related to bicycle handlebars was performed. A total of 219 children(More)
The effect of electron beam (e-beam) curing on an ultra low dielectric constant material, porous organosilicate glass (OSG) is investigated. In conventional IC integration processes, photoresist (P. R.) stripping with O2 plasma and wet chemical stripper is an inevitable step. However, dielectric degradation often occurs when low-k dielectrics undergo the PR(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the mechanisms of the exogenic progestrerone treatment on endometrial carcinoma. METHODS We observed the morphologic changes of the endometrial cancer cells treated by exogenic progesterone with light and electronic microscopy. RESULTS The main changes of the tumor cell treated were well differentiation, increase in secretory activity(More)
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