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The citadel of Machupicchu is probably the most famous Inca heritage site in Peru. Considering the seismically active region, this research is an attempt to perform a seismic risk analysis of the heritage structures at Machupicchu. A systematic approach is adopted for this purpose. Characteristic seismicity of the region, where these historical(More)
Dynamic properties of traditional wooden structures are estimated from forced vibration test performed on a prototype constructed for this purpose. The prototype corresponds to a framed wooden construction with traditional connections between columns and beams without nails and with wedges inserted into joints to fix them. To verify the applicability of a(More)
Deterioration and aging of bridges structures and damage caused by strong earthquakes might be conducive to collapse of the bridge, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Therefore, investigation of structural condition of bridges is necessary for secure safe road operations. This paper presents a prototype of piezoelectric-cable sensor for vibration(More)
Seismic hazard analysis is performed for a representative zone in Peru, including the city of Cusco, the citadel of Machupicchu and the archeological complex of Choquequirao, constituting the area with important Inca heritage. This is considered to be the first step towards developing a rational approach to seismic risk analysis of the Inca’s architectural(More)
Reinforced concrete bridges occasionally became structurally unstable because of its deterioration and damages due to strong earthquakes. In case of an earthquake disaster some restrictions are impose on road operation to ensure safety. Then to permit a quick recovery of road operation it is necessary to monitor structural components before and after the(More)
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