C. Cresswell

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The reported association of cot death and sleeping prone could be due to rebreathing of expired gases. A mechanical model simulating the respiratory system of an infant, exhaling warm humidified air with an end tidal carbon dioxide of 5%, has been used to investigate this. Some commonly used bedding materials caused an accumulation of carbon dioxide of 7%(More)
1. Enzyme systems from Cucurbita pepo have been shown to catalyse the reduction of nitrite and hydroxylamine to ammonia in yields about 90-100%. 2. Reduced benzyl viologen serves as an efficient electron donor for both systems. Activity of the nitrite-reductase system is directly related to degree of dye reduction when expressed in terms of the function for(More)
To study the function of glutathione reductase and glutathione in Escherichia coli the coding sequence of the bacterial glutathione reductase gene (gor gene) was cloned into the vector pBR322, and the gor gene was expressed under the control of the promoter of the tetracycline-resistance gene (tet gene) in different Escherichia coli strains. Cells of the(More)
The uptake of nitrite into intact pea chloroplasts was observed and its relationship with internal nitrite reduction was assessed. Net nitrite uptake exhibited saturation kinetics and an alkaline pH preference. This evidence questioned the accepted major role for neutral HNO(2) permeation and its reported influence on photosynthesis. The possible(More)
The relationship between net nitrite uptake and its reduction in intact pea chloroplasts was investigated employing electron transport regulators, uncouplers, and photophosphorylation inhibitors. Observations confirmed the dependence of nitrite uptake on stromal pH and nitrite reduction but also suggested a partial dependance upon PSI phosphorylation. It(More)
This report describes the applicability of a synthetic chromatography adsorbent for large-scale purification of polyclonal immunoglobulin G from hyper immunised ovine serum. Under optimised conditions, MAbsorbent A2P was shown to bind approximately 27 mg mL(-1) of ovine immunoglobulin from undiluted serum, with eluted IgG purities of >95%, minor levels of(More)
In the present paper, we describe a rapid method for the determination of optimum conditions for papain digestion of polyclonal ovine IgG (purified by Na(2)SO(4) precipitation) for the production of bio-therapeutic Fabs (antigen-binding fragments). To determine the optimum conditions for digestion, a factorial approach to the design of experiments was(More)
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