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The influence of six dietary protein types (egg albumin, casein, gelatin, soy protein, pea protein, and wheat gluten) on satiety and food intake was investigated. Twelve healthy subjects ingested six protein-manipulated lunches (approximately 5.2 MJ, 22% of energy as protein) according to a within-subjects design. Test meals were controlled for energy,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of three dietary protein types (casein, gelatin, soy protein) on satiety and food intake, at two levels of loading (total energy of test meals: 3.6 or 1.8 MJ). DESIGN The study employed a repeated measures design. Test meals were controlled for energy, macronutrients, fiber and palatability, and contained about 23%(More)
BACKGROUND One important step in nutritional education consists in identifying the patient prior knowledge in order to better educate him. The objectives of this pilot study, on twelve obese patients (6 underreporting patients - UR - and 6 normoreporting patients - NR) were to point out advantages and limits of a method: "concept mapping", a graphic(More)
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