C. Coutelle

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This paper presents three examples of real-time image processing applications that were implemented on a data-ow architecture developed at the ETCA. Low-level image processing is performed on a regular three-dimensional network of 1024 custom data-ow processors. Image features previously extracted in the low-level step are handled by a two-dimensional(More)
The nucleic acid sequence of the preproinsulin cDNA of carp (Cyprinus carpio), cloned in the PstI site of pBR322 ( Liebscher et al. 1980), has been determined. The sequenced insert of 439 bp includes the complete coding information for carp preproinsulin (108 amino acids), 10 nucleotides of the 5'-and 105 nucleotides of the 3'-nontranslated regions. The(More)
We present a wavefront array processor architecture developed at ETCA and dedicated t o r eal-time processing of digital video streams. The core o f t h e a r chitecture is a mesh-connected three-dimensional network of 1024 custom processing elements. Each processing element can perform up to 50 millions 8-or 16-bit operations per second, working with a 25(More)
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