C. Costantini

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BACKGROUND Polypharmacy is regarded as an important risk factor for fallingand several studies and meta-analyses have shown an increased fall risk in users of diuretics, type 1a antiarrhythmics, digoxin and psychotropic agents. In particular, recent evidence has shown that fall risk is associated with the use of polypharmacy regimens that include at least(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies indicate that migrants in western countries have limited access to and low utilization of community mental health centres (CMHCs) despite the high prevalence of mental disorders. AIMS We aimed to compare migrant pathways to care across four CMHCs located in different Italian provinces and to identify pathway to care predictors. (More)
BACKGROUND In spite of the high prevalence of psychiatric disorders among elderly residents in nursing homes, only a small number of patients in need of specialist care are referred to a psychiatric consultant. The aim of this research was to evaluate the consultation activity and the appropriateness of referral to psychiatric assessment. METHODS Data(More)
Many cases of coeliac disease, a gastrointestinal autoimmune disorder caused by sensitivity to gluten, can remain in a subclinical stage or undiagnosed. In a significant proportion of cases (10-15%) gluten intolerance can be associated with central or peripheral nervous system and psychiatric disorders.A 38-year-old man was admitted as to our department an(More)
AIM Aim of this study was to investigate metabolic effects of second generation antipsychotics (SGA) in drug naïve patients. METHODS we included patients with psychotic disorders who were treated for the first time with a SGA. We evaluate anthropometric and metabolic data at baseline, after three months and after a year. RESULTS it was found a(More)
AIM Aim of the study was to validate the Italian version of the Neuropsychiatric Inventory-Nursing Home (NPI-NH). The evaluation of neuropsychiatric symptoms in elderly patients with cognitive impairment and/or a chronic psychiatric disorder, is an essential need in nursing home. METHODS The Italian version of the NPI-NH was administered in 53 patients in(More)
We describe the characteristics of a real time MPEG2 Multichannel Encoder based on a multi-DSP board. We discuss both the architectural base and the algorithm real time implementation. Due to the flexibility of the described card, realizations of other audio processing algorithms arc also possible. A brief description of these implementations is also given.
Paediatric emergency management is a very stressful clinical event especially when it occurs in a non paediatric hospital. Low self confidence, non familiarity with drug dosages and proper equipment selection are the main cause of professional insecurity. In this paper, after a short review dealing with main differences between child and adult patient, we(More)
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