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In this study, an area of 953.2 micron 2, a diameter of 36.7 micron and a circularity factor of 0.74 have been established for the neurons of the facial motor nucleus of the dog. Significant differences (p less than 0.01) were observed by comparing the means of some of the parameters determined in the six cytoarchitectonic subdivisions of the facial motor(More)
A study of the facial motor nucleus of the dog by means of cytoarchitectonic and computer-aided three-dimensional reconstruction methods has been made. We identified three regions in this structure: lateral, intermediate and medial. Taking into account the different patterns of neuron aggregation, the following subdivisions were noted in the first, the(More)
In this paper a comparative study is made of stria longitudinalis medialis in the fighting bull and domestic bull. This nervous bundles are more developed in the former, and their connections with the Gyrus dentatus and Hippocampus are demonstrated. The structural differences observed between both animals could be related with the mechanisms that control(More)
In the present investigation the "in vitro" behaviour of three morphologically different types of embryoid bodies of the teratocarcinoma OTT 6050, which were isolated by means of a Ficoll's density gradient, was analyzed. The study of the results obtained from the culture in suspension and in monolayer show that these morphologically different types(More)
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