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Let S be a point set in general position on the plane such that its elements are colored red or blue. We study the following problem: Remove as few points as possible from S such that the remaining points can be enclosed by two isothetic rectangles, one containing all the red points, the other all the blue points, and such that each rectangle contains only(More)
The authors describe a neural network for segmentation of a blurred and noise-corrupted image. There can be an arbitrary number of gray levels in the restored image. The simplest system found to do an acceptable job has several parallel networks detecting potential edges at different orientations in the image. Their output is combined in a final network,(More)
Hypochlorite is a strong oxidant able to induce deleterious effects in biological systems. The goal of this work was to investigate the use of PGR and PYR as probes in assays aimed at evaluating antioxidant activities towards hypochorite and apply it to plant extracts employed in Chilean folk medicine. The consumption of PGR and PYR was evaluated from the(More)
We present a theoretical calibration of the RR Lyrae period-luminosity-color and period-color-color relations in the multiband uvby Strömgren photometric system. Our theoretical work is based on calculations of synthetic horizontal branches (HBs) for four different metallicities, fully taking into account evolutionary effects for a wide range in(More)
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