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For the purpose of this paper, a question-answering system is a computer program that has at least the following three characteristics: (1) The ability to accept statements of fact and store them in its memory (2) The ability to search stored information efficiently and to recognize items that are relevant to a particular query (3) The ability to respond(More)
One possible direction for Department of Defense software initiatives is toward incremental improvement in each portion of the existing software cycle. This is a conservative, evolutionary approach with a high probability of short-term payoff. It definitely deserves a major role in the DoD's initiatives. But because it is based on the existing software(More)
This paper presents an overview of the current state of the PSI automatic program synthesis system and discusses the design considerations. The PSI system allows a user to specify a desired program in a dialogue using natural language and traces. PSI then synthesizes a program meeting these specifications. The target programs are simple symbolic computation(More)