C. Collet

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Variation in mutation rate, attributed to differences in both generation time and in metabolic rate, has been invoked under the neutral theory of molecular evolution to account for differences in substitution rate among mammalian lineages. We show that substitution rates at fourfold-degenerate sites and at sites in noncoding regions do not vary between the(More)
The automated segmentation and classification of galaxies still constitute open problems for astronomical imaging, mainly due to their fuzzy and versatile nature, as well as to the multitude of the available channels. In this paper, a mathematical morphology based approach is explored. First, a semi-automated method for multispectral galaxy segmen-tation,(More)
Genomic clones containing sequences homologous to an esterase 6 (Est-6) cDNA clone were isolated from a library of Drosophila melanogaster DNA. Comparison of the genomic and cDNA sequences revealed that the Est-6 gene comprises two exons, one of 1,387 bp and one of 248 bp, separated by a short intron of 51 bp. Further sequencing revealed the presence of a(More)
This paper proposes a reduction-segmentation scheme for radio-astronomical cubes. In order to avoid the curse of dimen-sionality phenomenon, a reduction technique is proposed as preprocessing step before classification. On each site of the image a spectrum is observed, exhibiting few spectral rays, modeled as a weighted mixture of selected Gaussian(More)
This paper is concerned with Multi-component image segmentation which plays an important role in many imagery applications. Unfortunately , we are faced with Hughes phenomenon when the number of components increases, and one often carry out a space dimensionality reduction as a preprocessing step before segmentation. An interesting solution is the mixtures(More)
In the field of computer vision, the motion analysis techniques are increasingly robust and beginning to have an impact beyond laboratories. Computers are able nowadays to perform image processing in real time. Indeed, they could be used to build non-intrusive systems for gesture analysis. In particular, gesture and motion analysis is in strong demand in(More)
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