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The behavior modeling of Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) process requires a global approach which considers interrelated non-linear relationships between coating characteristics / properties in-service and process parameters (power, feedstock injection, kinematics, etc.). Such an approach would permit to reduce the development costs. To reach this objective,(More)
Tensile strength and ductility of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) processed commercially pure Ti (CP-Ti) were simultaneous enhanced by preforming the melting/solidification processes under Static Magnetic Field (SMF). The effects of SMF on microstructure and tensile properties were examined. The SMF-SLMed CP-Ti sample presents a microstructure of fine(More)
The protection of metallic surface is commonly done with zinc phosphate in acid aqueous phosphate solutions containing zinc ions and phosphoric acid, as well in addition of other metallic ions (nickel, chromium, calcium, niobium etc.), in presence of accelerators as nitrate ions, hydroxylamine sulfate, benzotriazole and others. The present article is a(More)
In order to remedy the poor biological and tribological properties of 316L stainless steel (SS), plasma sprayed bio-ceramic coatings have been widely investigated. In the present study, a small amount of fluorapatite (Fap) was introduced into alumina in order to enhance its bioactivity. The powder feedstock was sprayed on 316L substrate by Atmospheric(More)
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